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Free Family Fund's don't want your hard earned money.
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We spend the majority of our free time on the Internet & have developed a vast understanding of it.
We have taken advantage of the unlimited resources, knowledge, software, etc,..
We have also watched as the economy, greed, & just the natural desire to make money has consumed the Internet.
We also realized that when our friends, family, & acquaintances had questions about the Internet, they turned to us.
The Internet has become a part of our daily lives, like it or not.
For us it has been like a blade of grass we've watched grow into a jungle of confusion & greed.
So we decided to share with everyone the knowledge that we have learned over the years.
Despite as it may appear by the millions of website's trying to get your hard earned money.
Building a website, & creating a web presence does not have to cost a fortune.
Our total investment to share our knowledge with you comes to less than $20Yes you read that correctly, other than less than $20. for web hosting and domain name registration,we are able to share this knowledge with you.
So in this turbulent economic time, when budget crunching is a fact of life.
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finding the answers

Learn how to go directly to relevant information when searching the web.
Find out how search engines really work & discover how they only search a small portion of the web.
Discover the Invisible web, ( the majority of the web ) & why the search engines can't access it.We'll even teach you a bunch of tricks with goggle that you probably never knew.

basic skills

Self reliance is the key to living a healthy, productive life.
But to be self reliant one must master basic skills. more or less making them a jack of all trades.
Contrary to what you may have learned in school, a jack of all trades is far more equipped to deal with life than a specialized master of one.
Many graduates lack basic life skills, with many never having cooked, cleaned, or shopped for themselves.
And most having no idea how to grow or preserve there own food.
Let Free Family Fund's put you on the fast track to self reliance.
It could just save your life someday.

making money online

Millions of people turn to the Internet for Income everyday.
The sad part is 99% of them fail, & often waste money, instead of earning money.
Everywhere you look someone is trying to sell you overnight Internet wealth.
STOP, don't waste your money it's not going to happen.
Earning a living online is hard work and requires a lot of time & energy.
There are numerous methods out there that thee'se sites are trying to sell you on.
Don't spend your money buying into the lie of Internet wealth.
We'll tell you the methods they are selling you, tell you about free software to accomplish the task's, as well as how and where to find the resources to complete your goal for free.
What we won't do, is fill your head with false hopes & promises like others do.
You can't make earning money your first priority for an Internet income.
You must Put people first by providing them with quality & value.
By putting people first the money will follow.

energy saving's

The average home spends about $2400.00 a year on energy costs. But you can lower your energy bills and help save the environment at the same time. we will provide you with money saving ideas to help lower your energy cost's, and reduce your carbon footprint.

cold weather is coming soon

As the splendor of the fall foliage reminds us that colder weather is on the way.
Now is the time to think about the steps you should take before it arrives.
check out our preparing your home for winter page and create your own winter checklist.
Save energy, avoid costly repairs, & maybe gain a few tips you may have forgotten or not even thought of.

Name brand loyalty

Name brand loyalty can take a large chunk out of the family food budget.
Break away from the higher priced brands, & stop paying for a name.
Many store brand & lesser known brand names are manufactured by the same company as the higher name brands.
Not to mention some of these lesser known brands do offer better taste & quality.
Sample responsibly, purchase a single package of a product an include it with your normal meal.
Keep note of the ones you like & dislike.
With the wide variety of lower priced alternatives you will quickly discover delicious, quality brands that are pleasing to your pallet & your purse.
Even with coupons, some popular name brand products still cost more than quality alternatives.
Try it yourself, add a small portion of a new brand to every meal for your family to sample.
your food budget may go a lot farther than you thought, in no time at all.

Grocery budget saving's

We all have to eat, and let's face it, our food budget don't go as far as it used to.
Let Free Family Fund's help save some of your food budget.
Get our latest online coupons & print them out for saving's.
Check out our links to the manufacturers & stores you use.
Learn how to use coupons the way that works for your family.
Take a look at our grocery saving's page for tip's on savings.

coupons & extreme couponing

Want to learn about coupons & extreme couponing ?
We'll explain the types of coupons available, where to find them, & the best way to use them.
We will also provide you with the whole story behind extreme couponing, the kind you see in the news & on website's saying that you can get carts full of groceries with little to no money.
Many of their claims are true, but is it realistic for your situation.
Time, Money, & Space, are all major factors in the extreme couponing world.
Gain the knowledge you need to
use coupons the way that makes sense for your family.
You will even learn about a great way to help others with your expired coupons.

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Just for fun we thought we would share some videos with you.
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Enjoy youth with, thank god for kids or let them be little.
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Genealogy & Family History

There are many reasons to know your family history:
to have a living connection to the past, to trace your origins and roots, to be informed about vital hereditary information...
Whatever your reasons are for wanting to preserve your family history.
Creating a family tree is an excellent start to your genealogical journey.

Check out our Genealogypage for more information.
Most beginning genealogy sites will tell you to start with what you know and work backwards.
However the first thing you should do is contact your oldest living relative.
Next you should apologize for not writing and calling more frequently.
Then tell them what an interesting person they are as you gradually steer the conversation to dead ancestors.
Record the names, birthplaces, death places and dates of everyone and thing they can remember.
Try for legal names and maiden names, "Mrs. Jones" and "Slim Jones" won't appear on census records or birth certificates.
More important, ask what they were like, what they did for fun, what they did for work, or other milestones in their life.
Vital records won't tell you great-grandfather Richard struggled through the Great Depression on $60 a month, or that he memorized poems to woo Great-grandmother Sarah

Ancestry.send me your money and a couple other big sites boast some of the biggest collections.
And well they do have some extensive resources and can (sometimes) make research easy at a price.
But Free Family Funds along With many others strive to Keep Internet Genealogy Free.
I recently returned from a trip that included stops at both of the towns where my parents were born and raised, Van Lear KY. & Pulaski VA.
Several generations of my family were born and raised in the same areas as well and fond childhood memories filled my head as I visited the areas and was surprised at how much I remembered,since my last visit to either location was 20 + years earlier.
Upon returning home with the memories fresh in my mind of relatives resting peacefully in a better place.
I began to think of my family tree in my head, WOW, just thinking about that headache makes my head hurt again.
Long story short just figuring out how the people I remembered all fit together, who was who's, how were they my cousin?, but how could uncle buck ..., Who invented aspirin? let me just say, thank you.

Now First let me say my experience WILL NOT, did I mention WILL NOT, necessarily nor likely be the same as yours in researching your family tree.
I have spent years learning how to navigate, manipulate, and sort through the trash littering the Internet.
Genealogy research can be very time consuming and at times frustrating, but a priceless treasure.

First thing you will need is a family tree program.
If you haven't figured it out yet my motto is why pay for what you can get free, and there are many free options available on the Internet.

gizmo's freeware is my goto site for honest freeware reviews

I chose to go with
Legacy Standard

It's fairly easy to use and has plenty of bells and whistles.
The free version supports family, pedigree, and index views.
You can easily navigate to younger or older generations simply by clicking on the individuals.
And clicking on the events icon displays all of the events for an individual.
You can attach photos or any other type of document.
The program has well structured source templates and a great merge feature for people, places, sources, repositories, etc.
You can select specific individuals, families and entire family lines for export or reports by placing them in a Focus Group.
Legacy can even print narrative book style reports using generic sentence templates.
Creates stunning graphical charts, ancestor, descendant, fan, hourglass, and bow tie charts.
The program even provides Internet Search links and a To Do List.
And creates good looking web pages that Supports photos, CSS and more.

Honestly, I am a cheapskate when it comes to software but I did purchase the full version.
But for most people the free version will do everything you want it to do.
No matter what software you choose it should be able to import / export gedcom files.

As a second cheating on my cheapskate rule instead of hosting my family tree on my own site I purchased inexpensive hosting on tribal pages just to quickly share my findings with my family.
Fell free to check out what I have done so far if you like

My Family Tree

What I have on my site goes back about 15 generations in points with some pics, obituaries, and very little siblings, children or other personal info included but give me a break.
I began with about 2 generations of sketchy info pulled from my head, a handful of cards from funerals, a bible with a few dates & 72 hours later that's what I came up with and never spent another dime to do it. Oh and did I mention I have most all the info to fill in the branches and continue back to my 28th great grandparents born around 1050.
I did manage to get about 8 hours sleep during the 72 hours but my brain swears otherwise.

The first couple generations are the keys to your discovery.
If you have good information at this point your journey will be easier.
The 1940 census records were the latest released by the US National Archives on April 2, 2012
And for many may be a good starting point for information.

Social media sites like Facebook have pages dedicated to genealogy as well as county's, towns, history of areas, surnames, as well as groups and other helpful information.

roots web, a part of ancestry.com, geni, tribal pages, fold 3, and many other large sites have free help as well if you can suffer through advertising and disappointment when your close but have to pay to see.

Still reading? well Thank You. I'm amazed but thankful and want to share my thoughts before my help.

If your considering trying to research your family tree I offer you my prayers for an easy journey.
I was amazed at how much information was actually available with enough digging.
But my thoughts are from the heart and regarding Respect, Honesty, and compassion.
You may not agree and that's fine with me, but I feel your tree should be shared.
If you disagree just skip a line or two, but for those who agree lets' start with Respect.
Any computer savvy person can see my tree or parts of my tree, created by me are all over the web.
of shared my tree with the wiki world tree, ancestry, familysearch, and on and on and well you get it.
mainly small parts that are fact checked, but back to Respect.
Your tree is most likely going to start with yourself and hopefully contain a number of living relative.
Wait! before you yell at me hear me out. Yes I list many living relatives including children and well I'm not practicing what I preach but if any have complaints I will fix it.
Anyway, If you are going to list living individuals use common sense. many will say this means not listing them publicly and I can't argue. But I would say never give birth dates, locations, or information the individuals would not want shared.
Honesty, well I'm sorry I feel I live in a world I need to say it but please be honest.
If your going to share your tree with the world try to be as accurate as possible.
circa, about, near, we / I think, It is your heritage your future bloodline deserves honesty.
Compassion, again does it need to be said, Yes uncle Otis might have got drunk and thought he had his own fountain in his easy chair on a regular basis but does the world need to know?
Many unpleasant moments occur in all our lives but none that need to stain the memories of the past.

If by chance our tree's intersect or are closely connected and I could help you can contact me through
my tribal page
A Post with Tips and Tricks for searching genealogy will follow soon.

Due to advertising, I hate recommending site's, but a few great free resources with little to no advertising I will point you to are:

The USGenWeb Project
Ran by a group of volunteers working together to provide free genealogy website's for genealogical research in every county and every state of the United States. There Project is non-commercial and fully committed to free genealogy access for everyone.

Find A Grave
This cemetery site has over 111 million memorials for deceased persons all over the world, but mainly in the USA. Volunteers have added many gravestone photographs, and often add inscriptions, birth and death information, notes and obituaries.

Chronicling America
> There are almost 7 million searchable digitized newspaper pages from 39 states between 1836 and 1922.

Family Search - The mother of all genealogy sites, brought to you by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (The Mormons). They have over 500,000,000 individuals. You can download the data as a GEDCOM.

RootsWeb World Connect - World Connect had almost 600,000,000 entries. This is a giant depository for GEDCOM files with a great search engine. You can search by name, spouse, birth and death date and place, just like the Mormons.

older stories

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